Saturday, June 12, 2010

Be yourself

Be yourself. the self that you want to be. not to the ones that "they" want u to be. why must follow their expectaion? why must become the that not yourself? why let others decide what will become of u? u are the master of your own destiny. u decide what u want to be. its u that make the expectation. its u that live up to your own expectation. why wasting time to feel sad for not becoming what they want? only crazy people did that.

Friday, June 11, 2010

How to find good friends

1. That can listen to your problems
2. Friends that can spend time with u
3. Friend that can criticize u in a good way
4. Friends that support your idea when its relevan
5. Friends that not tarnish your pride in front of people
6. Test your friends by asking them for help
7. Friends that not raise his/her voice when arguing

Happy ECG

People always desire to be happy. But actually is not what they are that make them happy. Its what they do at the present time that makes them happy. Always remember this. Life basically have a baseline which is flat. Their thinking and their action that change their level up or down. Its like an ECG tracing. To be happy, the line cannot always at the top of the y-axis. Its not possible because happiness is driven by energy which are events or thinking. We need that energy to be frequently produce. Find anything to make yourself happy. Even you in the deepest shit u still can be happy.

Relaxation technique

1. Abdominal Breathing

2. Visualization technique
Imagine that u are at the beach or at beautiful plain field. Feel the air, the softness of the grass, the sound of the beach. The butterflies come over u. beautiful butterflies with beautiful wings.

3. Affirmation technique
Say this word many times. Let go…. Let go….. feel your muscle relaxing bit by bit. Until fully relaxed.

4. Anchoring
Using NLP technique. Anchor an action to a happy moment. Make yourself happy as u can be at that moment. Then use part of your body as an anchor.

Techniques To forget traumatic memory

1. Distraction
Distraction yourself by doing housework and hobbies. Hang out with friends/ don’t let the memory enter your mind. Immerse yourself in doing things that u like.

2. Avoid stimulating memory
Avoid memories that will bring flashbacks. Such person, places, items. Avoid reestablish, or reconnect with that certain person.

3. Confrontation
Confront with your problems. Settle things that should be settle. Make the score even

4. Black screen
Find the memory, visualize it in your mind. Then let the darkness surround the image. Slowly the darkness getting larger and the image become a small dot and then wipe away.

5. Avoid drugs and cigar

Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Prayer Everyday

Ya tetapkan iman aku. Tetapkan aqidah aku. Khusyukkn aku dalam solat. Ya Allah, ampunilah dosa aku, dosa ibu bapa aku, adik beradik ku, sahabat2 ku, jiran2 ku, serta kaum muslimin dan muslimat yg hidup mahupun meninggal dunia. Ya Allah jadikan aku doktor yg selamat, competent, dan mukmin. Ya Allah sembuhkan aku dari penyakit2, jagalah pancainderaku. bahagiakan aku di duniakan dan akhirat. masukkan aku ke dalam syurgaMu

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The end of world

Akhir zaman, akhir zaman. orang selalu cakap macam itu bile memikirkan gejala sosial dan kerosakan akhlak. dengan hiburan yg makin melampau2. sangat melampau. AF8, american idol, program realiti kanak2, muzik, fesyen yg pelik2(kurang kain), konsert2(10jam, 12 jam). adakah kita sedar akan perkara ini. adakah kita zikir dan fikir perkara ini. adakah kita tak rasa ini adalah agenda barat. kita tahu ye kita tahu. conspirasi Barat utk menjatuhkan kita. untuk menjatuhkan Islam. Perang saraf mereka. menghakis akhlak kita sedikit demi sedikit. itu la ape yang mereka resolusikan selepas perang salib. umat Islam perlu diserang dari segi akhlak. bukan dari segi peperangan